Monday, June 14, 2010

Was browsing the net for walk-in closet (out of curiosity) and guess what i found! Awesome and gorgeous walk-in closet for her. ohmygod! I want my room to have a walk-in closet like this kind in the future. i want it..

Best thing for a girl is after you bathe, you just have to enter the closet and start searching for the best outfit for the day. Talking about bathroom, let's look at some of the awesome designs of the bathroom.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

11 June 2010

 A date out with my honeyhun to Vivo-City(: It's been a long time since we're out dating together, I want more more before you have to serve NS! better accompany more, dont stay at home and be a couch potato my honeyhun. Wanted to have our dinner at Tajimaya Yakiniku but then the blur blur me got the wrong information from the promotion and brought darling over there with NOTHING back! hahah xD

That day I was out with my friends at Vivo and i saw the promotion for some unlimited wangyu beef (Honeyhun's favourite) when I was up on the escalator. But then I didnt look carefully at the details and ended up telling honey the wrong details. Promotion for the Tajimaya Yakiniku is only from 11.30am-4pm (Sat, Sun and Public Holidays). And that means there is no promotion for today, wasted trip!!

However, we settled for our dinner at Sushi-Teh! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Looks awesome eh! If you guys have notice, there's always a long long queue outside vivocity, sushi-teh. I dont know if other outlets are also like this, but the outlet at vivo-city is always full of people without fail. However now, I understand why is this so. Food there is yummy!! You should give it a try and it's definitely worth the wait!

Look how engross we are with our food!

After the sumptous dinner, we went over to SENTOSA! Didnt have the chance to visit Universal Studio after it's opening until TODAYY! Didnt take much photos cause honeyhun promise to bring me to Universal Studio one of this days so we will save it for that day but then we still manage to take some...

Haha! We had freaking lots of fun down there especially with the smoke. It's damn cooling and nice, i love it lots! Looking forward to the day we go for our dating at the Universal Studio! Rachel wants to go to alot of places, honeyhun you are to accompany me to all the places I want to go. Muhahaha!

1. Singapore Zoological Garden
2. Night Safari
3. Universal Studio
4. Taiwan

more to come..

Be prepared for tons and tons of $$$$$ (: Especially the 26 of this month (IMPORTANT)!!

Suppose to go for Zoo on thursday but then it was postpone. So before 29 July, everything must be done and check! Yess!

Cheerleading training resumes tomorrow. Gotta catch a wink now, if not i'll be late for training. 

We sometimes get so busy that we may not make a fuss about the ones we care for,
and who mean so much to us.
you can be sure you're thought about and love a whole lot too.
Because there could never be anyone more dear than you.